Cleaning of
ventilation system

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Removing grease in kitchen exhaust systems, chimney flue cleaning in apartment buildings, and cleaning of ventilation ducts and vent units in public buildings

Cleaning of ventilation system

Ventilation ducts must be inspected and if necessary, cleaned, both before the building enters use, and every three years subsequently.Read More »
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Cleaning of kitchen`s ventilation

It is important to keep in mind that at temperatures over 200°C, cooking oils give off flammable vapours and that spontaneous combustion can occur at temperatures of 310°C to 360°C.Read More »
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Cleaning of ventilation shafts

The ventilation systems in residential buildings are built so that external air is directed into living rooms and air is drawn out of the so-called dirty rooms (kitchen, WC, laundry room, bathroom, wardrobe)Read More »


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